I decide to do my WC plan about Privalia, a private club of online sales, because over a year ago I am a member and I follow them on Twitter and on Facebook and I know much about this company.

Then I will explain for those people who haven’t ever bought anything online from Privalia what is it, how it works, what are the social media and internet applications they use and some information and videos of the company.

This firm of Catalan origin is defined as  “a private club which organizes online, exclusively for its members, spot sales of products from leading brands with discounts of up to 70% relative to the price of the stores. ” 

Nowadays this online store offers discounts of 500 fashion brands in some countries such as Spain, Italy, Brazil and Mexico.

It works as a low cost of the fashion world” according to the literal words of one of its two founding partners, Lucas Carné.

This phenomenon extends to the top international brands such as DKNY, Calvin Klein, Miss Sixty, Nike, etc.

Today, at the headquarters of the company – in the Pouble Nou of Barcelona- there are around 140 employees in order to meet the expectations of more than half a million members in Spain. In Italy, the first country in the international assault , have already exceeded 150,000 members, through it’s commercial headquarters in Milan. Most of the customers are female.

As Lucas Carné said:

“Privalia practically lives of women, on the contrary of internet users which most are men. In Privalia more than 70% of buyers are women. They are young women(20-35 years) with a medium or medium-high social and economic level, with studies, workers and internet users. Is the people who use internet every day at home, at work, and buying online, especially services, leisure… And our offerings.

Most Privalia customers live in the urban centers such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla and Bilbao. They like to wear fashionable, and although they are comfortable to wear something outlet prefer not notice. It is better to find surplus stock and opportunities that no one has used before; this is one of the facets that Privalia takes advantage.

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Shop Strategy Post



Party Limo Logo

Party Limo Logo

We are a limousine rental company in Bilbao that want to show our partners what social media we use to keep in touch with them, the limousines that are available, the prizes and offers they can get, all information about us … In order to be available all the time with our clients because we care what they think about our service and the company.

We offer rental services of luxury limousines for weddings, events, romantic dinners, parties, farewells, birthdays, companies with want to promote their products…

Our limousines represent the epitome of elegance, luxury and comfort, equipped with all the possible amenities will make your moving, plus quick, convenient, safe and effective: air conditioning, acoustic and visual separator, wet bar, etc. The latest upgrade is Wifi in every luxury limousine.The area is separated from the driving seat occupants by a panel that will offer all the privacy.

You will enjoy the journey through the streets of Bilbao as a big movie star while you serve a drink and listen to the best music in our limo.

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Blogger’s Code of Conduct

Tim O’Reilly

This post  is about an author and a conference presenter who was quoted in a BBC article and a San Francisco Chronicle  article calling for a code of conduct in the blogosphere in response to the online firestorm arisen as a results of the death threats against a popular tech blogger (Kathy Sierra) which was about free speech, civility and sexism. Tim O’Reilly published the post “Blogger’s Code of Conduct”. Then he published another two posts “Draft Blogger’s Code of Conduct” and “ Code of Conduct: Lessons Learned so far”.

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Wiki Page

Hello class! This is my wiki page!:)

Click here

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Twitter in the Classroom

Nowadays is becoming increasingly important the social media in the colleague classroom.

Here are 5 Unique Uses of Twitter in the Classroom.

I think they are very useful!

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Twitter Applications

As it is well know, there are a lot of Twitter applications and tools.

These are the twenty most popular twitter applications according to compete.

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Fashion Shows

Hello! This is a pdf about fashion shows: design, organization and developments.


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